Construction Management

Construction Management Services

Torcon provides a hands-on approach to managing projects, from inception to completion. By deploying customized resources to meet the demands of each client, supported by strong technical resources, our professionals provide an end-to-end solution that discerning companies have come to depend on for projects large and small throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and Puerto Rico.

Preconstruction Services

As professionals, we have a vested interest in each client. We take time to understand your unique needs and challenges, and utilize our wide-ranging experiences within multiple industries to develop a tailored construction management plan. The opportunity to be engaged during the design phase and to collaborate with the team at such an early stage is a significant advantage. Our preconstruction services ensure every aspect of your project is thoughtfully planned out, including anticipating unexpected issues that would otherwise hold up a job. Your project will meet all your objectives, while adhering to your time and budget requirements.

We’ll implement the latest cutting-edge methods to actively manage the project at this critical stage, controlling cost and schedule, ensuring well-coordinated design documents are produced, and maximizing value for your construction investment. Our professional staff will also work with you to retain high-quality contractors within your budget constraints, to ensure that every detail for your project is given proper attention.

Our preconstruction services include:

  • Budget Development
  • Conceptual and Detailed Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Logistics Evaluation
  • Design Package Support
  • Constructability Review
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • BIM-based Clash-Detection
  • Preconstruction Mock-up and Exploratory Services
  • MEP Analysis
  • LEED Support
  • Bid Preparation

Construction Phase Services

Executing the work in the field remains the most significant phase of any construction project. Torcon's approach emphasizes top quality staff, on site and in key support positions, to implement the plan and manage day-to-day activities. Our team structure provides for senior executive-level involvement, a dedicated project manager, and staff that includes superintendents, engineers, MEP specialists, and safety managers. Torcon also provides BIM, commissioning, scheduling, LEED, accounting and procurement support to all projects with its professional staff.

our team of professionals can guide you through:

  • Permitting, Bonding and Insurance
  • On-site Construction Supervision
  • Existing Conditions Investigations
  • Master Scheduling
  • Trade Contractor and Equipment Procurement
  • Safety
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Control
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Coordination Drawings Review
  • Owner and Subcontractor Meetings
  • Financial Status Reports and Cash Flow Projections
  • Project Status Reporting
  • DBE and Affirmative Action Plan Implementation
  • MEP Supervision, Coordination and Commissioning
  • LEED Documentation and Administration
  • Inspections
  • Follow-Up Activities

Because of our individualized approach to construction management, our clients continue to trust Torcon as their construction manager. With a wide array of contract formats, and proven experience in a diverse range of industries, trust Torcon for all of your construction management needs.

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