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Green Bathrooms: Sustainable Choices for Local Bathroom Remodels

Choosing eco-friendly paint, wallpaper, and flooring is an easy way to make a difference. Look for toxic-free options that contain recycled materials.

A light shade of green is calming on a bathroom wall and looks great with white fixtures. Dark green can also work well as a bath wall color. It pairs nicely with jet black and other tones of grey.

Natural Lighting

Green is a perfect color to bring natural light into a bathroom, and textured tiles can reflect this lighting to create a bright space. You can also use natural materials like wood or stone for countertops, adding warmth and texture to a green bathroom design.

Light shades of green work well with most colors, especially whites and neutrals. You can also try bolder hues to create a more dramatic bathroom scheme. Darker greens can make a bathroom feel moody and chic, and they look beautiful with metal finishes like brass and gold.

Houseplants can be a stylish addition to any green bathroom design and can also help purify the air in your home. Choose plants that thrive in humid environments, such as ferns and snakes. Using terracotta pots and woven baskets to hold your plants will create a more sustainable bathroom. Towels made from bamboo or linen are another way to incorporate natural materials into a green bathroom design.

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Recycled Materials

Incorporating green into your local bathroom remodels doesn't have to be a big design risk. Non-permanent elements like towels, bath mats, plants, and accessories can offer an opportunity to experiment with the color without the commitment of permanent fixtures. Green bathrooms can have a cozy or energizing effect, depending on the shade and accents used. Add texture to the space through a striped shower curtain, green tile flooring, shiplap, board, and batten walls. Warm tones like gold pair beautifully with deep shades of green.

A modern take on a green bathroom features minty Metro tiles and wood effect cabinetry. Sage green is a restful choice that works well with neutral colors, pinks and yellows. Try a vinyl tile backsplash with a textured look to avoid committing to permanent paint. This type of backsplash is easy to clean and withstands moisture. It is also an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional ceramic backsplash. Buying eco-friendly building materials locally supports local businesses and reduces the energy needed to transport and process them.

Water-Efficient Fixtures

Green isn't typically the first color that comes to mind when designing a bathroom in Wilsonville Oregon, but it's slowly returning after yesteryear's kitsch monstrosities and avocado abominations. Regal jades and subtle sages bring nature-inspired energy into any room, while darker shades can make small spaces feel cozy and inviting rather than claustrophobic.

High-quality lighting is essential in any bathroom for grooming and makeup applications. Brightness helps skin tones look natural, and using a ceiling fixture or soffit lighting instead of recessed fixtures can save energy costs.

Light sage or mint green walls in a smaller bathroom are easy to clean and work well with white fixtures and furniture. Add texture with shiplap or board and batten wall panels for a modern look, or choose patterned tile flooring to create a statement. Accent with plants to tie the whole design together – these love the humidity of bathrooms and can be kept in stylish planters or hanging baskets.

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Give your bathroom an eco-friendly refresh by introducing some plant life. Houseplants are often recommended for bathrooms as they thrive in warm, humid environments and help reduce mold and mildew buildup. They also help reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and off-gassing from building materials, cleaning products and more.

Look for plant-based textiles like cotton and hemp, which grow quickly and have a lower carbon footprint than polyester. These are perfect for towels and robes and can easily coordinate with natural color schemes.

Choosing a glazed tile for your shower or floor that contains recycled material is another great way to add some green to your space. Cork, for example, is a great choice as it comes from renewable sources and doesn't require cutting down trees to harvest.

Replacing your faucet with a motion-sensing or low-flow model can make a big difference in saving water. This simple swap will maintain the quality of your shower and water pressure.

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