Industrial Installation and

Industrial Installation and Maintenance

Maat Green provides solutions in the fields of infrastructure, energy, industrial plants and security.

The Installation Services Division works on a group of industrial-type activities providing solutions that answer to society’s demands of the present and future. It is included under the umbrella of maat Green, and has its own multidisciplinary staff of highly-qualified professionals.

Its works is structured around four major groups:

Infrastructure and Eco-efficient Solutions Group. This area focuses on heat and air-conditioning installations, electricity, security, fire-fighting and renewable energy facilities of any type of building infrastructure, and civil and industrial works.

Energy Group. For the production, transport, transformation and distribution of electrical power throughout the country as well as the building power sub-stations, their engineering, civil works, electromechanical assembly and test runs.

Industrial Plants Division.
Planning and construction of all types of industrial plants, using the latest, most efficient technologies and with respect for the environment, avoiding the emission of millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Security Systems.
This company specializes in custom development of electronic control systems, with its own team of highly-experienced engineers.

MiM Mechanical Installation and Maintenance Northern
MiM Mechanical Installation and Maintenance Northern ...
Electrical Maintenance and Installation Technology at
Electrical Maintenance and Installation Technology at ...
Mechanical Seal - Installation - Industrial Maintenance
Mechanical Seal - Installation - Industrial Maintenance ...
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