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Bike maintenance Schedule

The maintenance schedule for a bike can vary somewhat on how often it's ridden and what condition it's in to begin with. Bikes that are ridden off-road or in the rain will need a little more TLC than one that ventures over the Brooklyn Bridge once per month.

However, using the following guidelines will help keep a bike good working condition - and help you know when it's time to bring it in to a mechanic.

These tips require a few basic tools (allen key, wrench, bike lube and de-greaser.) We sell these in-shop, if you need them. And: Don't forget a good bike pump, to keep air in your tires!

Bike care tips:

  • Keep your bike inside; avoid storing it outside. Weather's water and dirt will combine to cause harsh wear and cost you more in repairs and service.
  • Bicycles ridden in rain and/or off-road typically require more frequent and extensive service. If you are a frequent commuter or distance rider, you may find that your bike needs service more often. Probably because you're having more fun. Nice work!
  • Don't use WD40 on your chain!! WD-40 is made for doors and things that move sometimes, not bikes - which have lots of pressure and movement. In fact, WD40 will actually strip your chain of oil, causing metal-on-metal grinding. Rather: Use chain lube!
  • If your bike has been crashed, or you purchased a used bike, we recommend bringing it in for a thorough check-up to ensure that it's running properly. Where parts connect or move, if instead of turning or moving they instead "wobble" or creak, something is likely in need of attention. Bring it in - we're happy to take a look.
  • Enjoy it! The #1 goal of a bike should be to provide transport and fun. If these details overwhelm you, just focus on the "every ride" section in the left column! Our mechanics are happy to answer questions if you feel in over your head. If you want to learn more, we invite you to check out our maintenance and repair classes!

every ride
(a safety check)

(or 500 miles)

six months
(or 2, 500 miles)

(or 6, 000 miles)

check tire pressure. if it's low (if the tire feels "squishy"), fill to the correct PSI - which is listed on side of your tire.

clean bicycle frame with a cloth.

inspect frame and components for signs of wear, such as cracks or dents.

clean and wax the frame to protect the paint/finish.

once it's clean, inspect bike frame and fork for any cracks or dents.

Ducati Superbike 749 Routine Maintenance
Ducati Superbike 999 749 Routine Maintenance
Bicycle Maintenance Schedule
Bicycle Maintenance Schedule
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