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Crown Building Maintenance

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2 Customer Reviews

Quality of Work 5

Timeliness 5

Cleanliness 5

Budget 5

Communication 5

Courteous 5

General Contractor Services Including Flooring, Plumbing, Framing, Drywall, Carpentry, Painting and Kitchen Installation

just wanted to share a great general contractor that I used at my home. He installed my kitchen, floors, windows, front door, floating stairs with custom welded steel railing, drywalled and plastered, installed crown moulding and baseboard and painted (albeit reluctantly hehe), and installed appliances.

He's reasonably priced, experienced and very trustworthy. I would refer him and use him again. He's committed and often working 12-14hr days without complaint. I have pics of his work if interested.

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Main Bathroom and Powder Room Renovation

Peter and his crew were very efficient and clearily understood my vision for the reno's, a pleasure to work with. An exceptional eye for detail, the renos were completed in a timely and cost effective manner without any challenges. Crown Building Maintenance met all my expectations and all completed within budget. It would be a pleasure to recommend them to anyone interested in renovating. I look forward to hiring them again for my next project.

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Crown Building Maintenance has a TrustScore™ of 3.0. The average TrustScore™ for other businesses providing similar services in Etobicoke and the surrounding areas is 3.5. For detailed information on how TrustScore is calculated, click here.

TrustScore 3.0 / 5.0

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We are a group of experienced contractors, installers and handymen in the GTA. We do ALL KINDS OF JOBS for you. We are reliable, honest and complete your jobs fast with excellent, quality craftsmanship. We pay attention to your needs and details, "as this is our home". We take out-dated, run-down, old homes and turn them into a new and modern home again. We are here to help with ANY project, small or large.

Additional Information

Main Contact(s): Peter Boguslawski
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2016
Residential work: Yes
Commercial work:
Accepts credit cards: No
Year established: 2000
Offers financing:
24 Hour emergency Service:
Legal structure: Limited Partnership
Offers Financing:
Licensing Information: Contact Crown Building Maintenance to request licensing info.
Insurance Information:
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The Making Of Empire State Building - Mega Structure
The Making Of Empire State Building - Mega Structure
History Of The Empire State Building - Documentary Channel
History Of The Empire State Building - Documentary Channel
Empire State Building Construction
Empire State Building Construction
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