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Facilities Preventive Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance team of Physical Facilities perform their periodic, scheduled maintenance on building equipment. For most campus buildings, this equipment is in excess of thirty years old, and therefore the preventive maintenance is essential to retain reliability.

The main work that is scheduled to be performed in campus buildings includes the following:

Inspection and replacement, as necessary, of all drive belts on the air intake and air exhaust fans. This allows the air intake fans to provide sufficient fresh air into your building, and the exhaust fans to remove the stale air, providing a pleasant working environment.

Replacement of all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system air intake filters. The replacement filters are state- of-the-art material to assure that the air you are breathing is as clean as possible.

Inspection, cleaning, and repairs, as needed, of the heating boilers. The boilers provide hot water used to temper the outside air that is brought into your building.

Inspection, checking of refrigerant and oil levels, and repairs as needed, of the air conditioning chilling system. The chilling system is a part of the occupant comfort system, dehumidifying the incoming air to your building and cooling the building environment as needed.

Inspection, repairs as needed, and high-pressure water cleaning of the air conditioning cooling tower. The cooling tower is needed to remove heat from the air conditioning system.

Inspection, oil and filter changes, and repairs as needed, of the emergency generator. The function of the emergency generator is to provide electrical power to the critical areas of your building during the occasional loss of power from our public utility provider.

If your building is provided with equipment cooling water systems, central vacuum pumps, or air compressors that are used in research work, these will be inspected, adjusted, and/or repaired as necessary.

This equipment is usually located on the roof and/or in the basement of the building, and most of the building occupants are unaware of its existence. However, every occupant relies on this equipment for daily comfort in the workplace. It is our intention in the Preventive Maintenance program to correct potential problems before they occur.

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Facilities Management Interview: Five Preventive
Facilities Management Interview: Five Preventive ...
Read Preventive Maintenance Guidelines for Higher
Read Preventive Maintenance Guidelines for Higher ...
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